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Written by Michelle Botta

ET VOILA! Christmas approaches! I really want to prepare this wonderful end of year party. I have a lot of ideas, I imagine my home all lit up, my door decorated, not to mention my little tree in front of the House!

I dream of having my friends and my family in this enchanted Christmas atmosphere, where the spirits calm down and leave room for the dreams, dreams of children, happiness and joy.

What are my colors this winter for my tree, and my décors? It’s time to think about it!

letter-box-lavieenrosehomeEvery year I like to do my “little Christmas”: I invite my two best friends in mid-December. We’ll feast with oysters, foie gras, a nice Green Salad with walnuts, cheese from the mountains and the famous “Bûche de Noël” (Yule log). I’ll Cook the Turkey or the Capon on Christmas Eve, or for Christmas day when my children arrive.

But for now, I want to throw myself into the preparation of this celebration of Christmas. Back to our Organisation !

I start by tiding and de-cluttering, this will free up some space and will create more room for my

Christmas tree. I can keep this area free after Christmas to create a new space… give comfort to the room, or create desk area for a home office.

GO Hop, Hop!  do the sorting… it’s good for the mind ! …

Perfect, my living room is brighter, and I have the place for my Christmas tree.

Last year I did it all-white, and this year?? What if I go with red & white! So I won’t have too many things to buy. I’ve already found different small red deco and I will use them for my tree. I’ll do red and white pompoms and some with a mix of the 2 colours together – 3 or 4 balls of thick wool should be enough, . I’ll cut small trees in a red cardstock, with a red Ribbon for hanging… it’s going to be great! You can also add Christmas baubles and fresh roses…

Last year, my friend from Normandy had replaced all of her Christmas tree baubles with a multitude of small cows. She actually has a collection of them. She told me that everyone had a good laugh, and her tree was truly original and funny!

Sometimes i like my tree to be “chic and glamorous” in this case it is adorned with gold and silver, that’s what I did 2 years ago…

Some good tips : Coordinate the colors of the decoration of the House with the colors of the tree decorations.

The decoration in the house can be Christmas lights or garlands, hung nicely along the curtain pole and even down the edge of the curtains. Also on along a door frame, making an inviting doorway to walk through. You can also put some pompoms on the door handles, this will look fun. Fill a bowl with baubles or pompoms, place it on the kitchen or dining room table (ditto in a smaller dish for the coffee table). The idea here is to respect the theme of colors throughout the House in order to maintain the spirit and the atmosphere we want to create for this beautiful party.

Marine, my daughter, lives in an apartment, she has decided to have an alternative Christmas tree. It takes up no room on a wall and illuminates the room, see the example in the photograph, I love it !
But back to our tree : In the configuration of my house the ideal location is at the entrance of the living room, here it will have pride of place and will not be in the way.

I plan to have an outlet next door to connect electric garlands – Tip : the electric Garland should be the first decoration to install in the tree.

At the foot of the tree I reserve a room for the small illuminated village and the mini electric train.
My Christmas table will be also decorated in white and pink. I’m going to paint my shells in pink, and pearl necklaces: arrange them in the center of the table. I have a large white cloth which comes from my grandmother, she’ll be fine with pink or white, pretty paper towels, candles…. I also made a few small pink PomPoms and other whites, I think the hung at the foot of the stemware or I will have them on the table, at the corners of the cloth… This is going to be wonderful!
2017 has been the way (fashion) of the pompoms, we will find them again next year our baskets Wicker, our turnkey or bags on hand… Keep your pom poms not too far they will serve you again ?
Some tips ? :

  1. Choose two or three colors max for the tree and the general theme
  2. The sorting and adapt your decorations to the size of your House (not feel cluttered)
  3. The music of Christmas in your home and create a festive atmosphere
  4. Go for a walk in the Woods: pick up some pine pines and FIR branches to enrich your deco
  5. Eating nuts and hazelnuts, a compote of apples home made… A nice cup of tea and Christmas cookies!

ENJOY! I wish you a bright Christmas!


Is the company Michelle Botta created last year, to help (guide) people to change atmosphere in their house, to create new spaces. She can help you to find the colours which suits you, your new style, what you can do in your home to get a new ambiance.
Michelle Botta, Interior Designer:
“I don’t mean only to make a « Decoration », I want to create the atmosphere that suits your interior, the atmosphere of your family life, an atmosphere like a lifestyle. SPACES, facilities: an organization that makes life easier – our HOME is a reflection of its residents: parents, children, family – its charm comes from its light, its colors… and, its comfort, it is important not to neglect this aspect. Our HOME is the place where we find warmth, softness and comfort ?”.

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